Posts for the week

Bonobo genome sequenced, secrets of sex soon to be unlocked

Beetles are good parents!  And they’re social and talk!

On dopamine and being old

EO Wilson says war is inevitable, that’s just the way we are, someone else disagrees

Vampire electronics on the way

More about our microbiome

On Kuhn.  I wish I could see more of a discussion on the Kuhnian conception of science versus what we actually do in Biology

What men and women focus on when watching porn.  Surprisingly safe for work.

About being an adolescent:

We know from many human functional MRI, or FMRI studies, that the social brain is a network of brain regions that is consistently activated whenever adults think about other people. There are about three different regions in the brain, one in medial prefrontal cortex, and two other regions in the temporal lobe: the posterior-superior temporal sulcus, and the anterior temporal cortex. It doesn’t really matter about the names, but the point is that that network of brain regions in adults is consistently active whenever you think about other people or think about interacting with other people, or think about their mental states or their emotions.

Adolescents use the same network, the social brain network, to a very similar extent, but what seems to happen is that activity shifts from the anterior region, the medial prefrontal cortex region, to the posterior, the anterior temporal cortex or the superior temple sulcus region, as they go through adolescence. In other words, when they’re thinking about other people, adolescents seem to be using this prefrontal cortex, right at the front region, more than adults do, and adults seem to be using the temporal regions more than adolescents do.

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