Return of the Neuroecologist

I’ve been gone!  First was preparing for the big neuroscience conference SFN, then was SFN itself, then was a nasty cold, followed by catching up on the other work I missed in all those weeks.  While I write up new posts, here are some tasty links for you to peruse:

– I hadn’t realized that cockroaches were social.  Did you know that cockroaches form mixed-family herds, and that given the choice of hiding out individually in shelters or hanging in a group, they will choose to collect in one large group?  Me either.  When raised on their own, the now-sad little critters will develop isolation syndrome.

– Do the same neural circuits process social and nonsocial information?  Probably not.

– Are animals political, and do they choose their leaders?  The Scorpion and the Frog has a typically great post about animal politics, and Slate talks about bees.