Unrelated to all that, 1/28 edition

When your job is picking up starfish and throwing them as far as they can go, well, your job is pretty good.  A great writeup of Bob Paine and the influence he has had in ecology; few biographical sketches can make you want to go out and read a bunch of scientific papers, but this one did.

John Hawks is now okay with the Dunbar Number.  Or at least the scale of it.

Crowds are not people, my friend.  But they could be if they wanted.

Seed an ecosystem in a bottle then seal it up and let it grow for 53 years.  On the other hand, this is the Daily Mail so it could all be made up.

Dung beetles watch the milky way.  This just furthers my fascination with all things dung beetle.

NPR reports on camel wrestling.  Let me repeat that: Camel Wrestling!

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