Unrelated to all that, 2/21 edition

Whoops, I’ve let this go on a while…

Speak friend, and enter.  Oliver Sacks on the unreliability of language and memory.

Just in time for Carnival.  It’s the February edition of the Carnival of Evolution!

They may not go to heaven but…  Once more we hear how they’re uniquely smart among other animals (as demonstrated in this video)

The new Aeon magazine.  An essay on animal intelligence and an essay on group trust leads me to believe that they’re trying to one-up this blog.

Here’s an infographic someone made about the male honeybee.  That’s about it.

I can’t help but think they’re plotting to make Hitchcock’s Birds a real thing.  Birds as ants?  Ants as birds?  I never knew about these sociable birds, but they’re awesome.

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