Unrelated to all that, 03/21 edition

Note: I now post these in my twitter feed first, so check it if you’re super bored!

Monarch butterflies are disappearing.  I can’t think of anything more important or more underreported.

Okay, we’re kind of biased.  Every good bayesian knows ‘not being biased’ often means you’re just not being explicit about your assumptions.  Economists get explicit.

Sharks: now in groups, more terrifying.  Sharks hunt in groups and can learn from each other, too.

I guess that will do the trick.  Pandas have trouble mating and sometimes need a bit of… guidance.

Things were always more fun in the olden days.  On Victorians getting monkeys drunk and hungover, for science.

At least there’s only 20.  Advice for if you want a faculty job, told with a straight face.

As a theorist, I only use fake data.  Apparently in Physics you sometime get given fake data to see what you do with it, going so far as to not tell you until you’re about to submit a paper; I think if this happened to me I’d cry.

Kawaii psychophysics.  Because cats can see optical illusions.

Emperor Tamarins, always the swankiest monkeys.  Some monkeys sit in mud to cool down and relax, only to realize they can no longer recognize any of their friends; vicious fights ensure.

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