Unrelated to all that, 9/27(ish) edition

Okay, I’m finally back from traveling and appeasing the various authorities in my life. That means I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled programming. Meanwhile, links!

From the blog

David Hubel passed away, which was sad. But then Colin Camerer won a genius prize which is happy, but does not take away the sadness.

On other blogs

Is it fun to be a professor? Apparently, yes.

How to make better (cleaner) figures. A link to another link roundup, but the first item is too good to let go

Can math explain history? And a Q&A. This is something that I’d love to comment on but don’t feel like I have the historical background knowledge for any proper critique.

What it’s like to attend one of those spam conferences you (or, at least, I) get emails about.

On error bars.

The Emperor Gladwell is naked. Don’t click the link but do the google news method first!

These are the most cited papers in behavioral economics.

Tamarins whisper when they think they’re being overheard

Are male and female brains different, or are male brains just bigger (because males are bigger)?

In the journals

Interaction rules underlying group decisions in homing pigeons

Goats favor personal over social information in an experimental foraging task

On the sister blog

Bach was a thug and Mozart was pretty crude

A truly majestic animal

Context, people, context!

Some recent photo finds


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