Nobel prize winners, who needs them?

Never let it be said that the shutdown isn’t affecting our ability to do science. I hear that researchers are  locked out of NIH but they’re not the only ones who have been shut down. Apparently 2012 Nobel Prize winner David Wineland has been found non-essential and furloughed:

Even if Stockholm’s prize committee found Wineland’s work groundbreaking, he was deemed expendable by the government last week.

“On the organization charts I’m just another worker, another non-essential,” said Wineland, sighing, during an interview from his home in Boulder…

“My experiments are completely stopped. It’s very challenging to stay ahead with competitive research when this happens; it just slows the research down,” said Wineland, a soft-spoken man with a white walrus mustache.

I think if my experiments were shut down like this I would just be pacing back and forth feeling nauseous. So many experiments rely on timing that months or years of planned experiments can go down the drain.

Not only is it interfering with the science itself, but the shutdown is beginning to interfere with conferences, too. Apparently satellite meetings of SFN are starting to be canceled.

Feel free to let us know what other affects the shutdown has been having on science.

Update: A good example from NPR


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