Monday open question: What is the most important open question in your field?

Neuroscience is a field both new and broad. It has roots in psychology, cognition, molecular biology, psychophysics, and more. Although there are some (slightly self-serving) attempts at defining what the open questions are, the sheer diversity of the field lends itself to many possible questions. The answer for those interested in psychology, in economic behavior, in ecology, in vision, in molecular biology, will all be different.

I asked this question on twitter (#openquestions) and got a couple of good questions, but I demand more!

Regardless of field: what are the most important open questions in your field?

Feel free to respond in the comments, on twitter, or on your blog.

One thought on “Monday open question: What is the most important open question in your field?

  1. This is one of the cases where having a vibrant academic community online helps. Here is a list of the major unsolved problems of theoretical computer science as suggested and ranked by the participants of cstheory (which tend to be high caliber folk).

    I wish the cognitive sciences stack exchange was academic enough that such a question could be posted there (say your exact question about neuro) and get meaningful responses. Unfortunately, it is largely a lay-participants there, so it would just be pseudoquestions like “what is consciousness?” (although, this can be transformed into a reasonable Q&A) and “what gives us free will?” (another question that is better addressed by algorithmic philosophy ;)). But maybe you can come up with a way to formulate your question to be a good fit for the cogsci SE? I would definitely like to see such a question, although it has to be posed very carefully.

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