Unrelated to all that, 2/1 edition

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I talked about a paper that attempts to sort out how animals communicate with others of their own species – and whether they might be listening to what other species have to say.

I also gave the lowdown on a debate on the Connectionist mailing list. Neuroscience today is attempting to understand planetary motions, kinematics, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics all at once. Let’s try a bunch of different things.

Then I was curious about what the most popular papers in neuroscience were. Hint: it’s all about humans and cognition. Because if there is one thing that people like, it’s thinking about themselves. I made the word cloud above from the most popular papers; here are the word clouds from the rest.

Finally, I let you know that the Boston Review is concerned with only the most important of questions: Are dogs people?


This is how I foresee the Superbowl turning out. Please don’t kill that dream.

Hidden hierarchy in string quartets

What does Google want with DeepMind? I had heard that they are essentially buying the company to buy the talent, not the product but take that with a grain of salt.

24 short films to watch

Great lab websites. Apparently more labs should use a WordPress template.

Truly an outstanding paper: “Background and aim:It is unclear how total sock ply and thickness are related when more than one sock is worn.”

A disguising of tailors, neverthriving of jugglers, sitting of judges, temperance of cooks, and a superfluity of nuns.

‘”I’m not very likely to get laid today, so instead I’ll fight with someone,” seems to be the thought pattern here.’

When has rigour in a computer science proof led to insight?

Is theory dead in Economics? Apparently not.

How farming reshaped our genomes.


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One thought on “Unrelated to all that, 2/1 edition

  1. I doubt there is a website that gathers so may interesting links to follow. Although I have no idea how you do this so well, I would like to thank you for the stimulus and entertainment. For the record, our dog is a person according to my wife and related to royalty based on how well she treats it (better treated than me)

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