Unrelated to all that, 2/14 edition


On the blog

On Monday I tried to ask what are the fundamental problems of Systems Neuroscience. There are some good comments in there.

I also tried to share my feelings about doing science – as in, why do I bother doing it at all? For me, it’s all about having an aesthetic sense. David Schoppik shared a good interview with Sir John Sulston, one of the original researchers in the worm field.

On other blogs

I kind of hesitate to link to this, but there’s a kerfuffle going on where Lior Pachtor is accusing Barabasi and Kellis of fraud (article 1/3). It’s pretty vicious and most of the accusations seem to fall pretty far short of fraud and are instead a case of over-selling. Accusing a fellow academic of fraud is just about the worst thing one can do, and serious charges require serious evidence. Still, it’s worth reading.

Scientists strap fake dinosaur tail on chickens to discover how T-Rex walked. Srsly

Rethinking how the sensory cortex works. There’s more integration of different sensory modalities than you’d think.

Speaking of integration, sometimes it’s best not to do any of it with personal libraries

Fish have it easy in schools, because they do a lot of drafting

Loess explained in one GIF:

The sieve of selection. C. elegans ftw

Two depressingly bad – in the number of factual inaccuracies – by David Graeber and Barbara Ehrenreich on play in animals. What’s more depressing is the number of non-scientists linking to them.

Humans: not-so-special

Does trend-chasing explain financial markets? There’s at least some pretty graphs in there.

How to kill a paper in review that you don’t like.

Here are some lessons from genetic algorithms on neural network structure that I’m not sure we’ve really learned.

Fish are stupid because their lives suck:

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