Unrelated to all that, 2/21 edition


Sculptures covered in beeeeeeeswax

“An extraordinary coup, one of the greatest kingdoms in India had fallen into the hands of an order of esoteric yogis

How to bury your treasure:


Great new blog by Steve Shea covering all the neuroscience preprints posted to bioRxiv

The Turing Dog Test

For those of you who remember that Mutual Information Coefficient paper, too bad, you probably shouldn’t be using it. Just use Mutual Information instead. (I work with a lot of information theorists and I don’t know anyone who ever even thought about using MIC.)

How to deal with a lot of comparisons: explanation of FDR

k-means clustering in GIF form:



Evolution is a special kind of (machine) learning. See also: Genetic Algorithms

Twitter cliques:


Using slime mold to reengineer Iberian railways. I would have just used a computer.

Recommendation engines for science papers and useful guides to reference managers (h/t Prerana Sresthra)

Best practices for behavioral experiments in headfixed mice. Read and be learned.

Same movie, different posters:


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