Unrelated to all that, 2/7 edition

I have returned from Cosyne; apologies for the cessation in updates but the wifi during the second half of the conference was entirely nonfunctional. I’ll have a post about the rest of the conference in a day or two.

On the blogs

The scientific case for P≠NP. Basically it boils down to, it’s likely (aka Bayesian inference.)

The statistics of chess masters.

The Tarsier (via Noah Gray)

The future is here, and it is weird

If correlation doesn’t equal causation, then what does? A reminder that we have Bayes networks

What neuroscience is learning: an array of links on free will, neurophilosophy, consciousness, and more

Terrance Tao and the Navier-Stokes. Thinking of fluids like a computer

The trouble with Oxytocin. Extracting it is more complicated than you think

Matlab Information Theoretical Estimators toolbox

Science takes on a silent invader. Mussels!

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