CSHL cognition meeting (updated with a comparison to a similar meeting in 1990)

cshl cognition

For those that are unaware, CSHL is organizing a ‘supermeeting’ with an obnoxiously great list of invited speakers. Seriously, go check it out. They’ll be discussing cognition apparently, whatever that really means. Anyway, since this is such a list of luminaries, I was curious where they were being invited from. Ladies and gentlemen, the most prosperous universities for neuroscience apparently are:

1. MIT (6)

1. NYU (6)

3. UCSF (5)

4. Harvard (4)

4. CSHL (4)

6. UCSD (3)

6. Columbia University (3)

6. Princeton University (3)

9. Stanford University (2)

9. The Salk Institute (2)

9. University of Geneva (2)

But given that UCSD/Salk are essentially the same institute in terms of neuroscience – every faculty at Salk is associated with UCSD – I’d bump them up to number 3 along with UCSF 😉

Anyway, I’ll leave it to the audience to determine the amount of home cooking, though obviously there is a lesson there either way.

Update: It was suggested that I look at an old list; the last time CSHL had a symposium focused on the brain it was called The Brain (1990). I suppose they’ve gotten more specific with time, but the list itself is pretty interesting. Besides being much larger, it’s WAY more international (there are maybe 2-3 international speakers invited in the 2014 version). There were also more people invited from private industry. Not only were there tons of pharmaceutical companies and Bell Labs, but someone from General Motors came. GM! Anyway, here is the list which I’ve tried to be fair about (ie, Beth Israel+Mass Gen count as Harvard, etc). Once again, Salk + UCSD are affiliated so I’d put them up just behind UCSF at #5.

Update #the second: David Schoppik pointed me to the write-up of the 1990 meeting which is ‘fairly remarkable’.

Old list (1990):

1. Rockefeller University (22)

2. MIT (15)

2. Harvard University (15)

4. UCSF (14)

5. CalTech (11)

5. Columbia University (11)

5. NIH (11)

8. Salk Institute (9)

8. John Hopkins University (9)

10. Washington University (St. Louis) (8)

11. Stanford University (7)

12. Cornell University (6)

12. Max-Planck-Institut (6)

14. Berkeley (4)

14. Yale (4)

14. UCSD (4)

17. University of Oxford (3)

17. New York University (3)


3 thoughts on “CSHL cognition meeting (updated with a comparison to a similar meeting in 1990)

    • California FTW!

      I didn’t include universities that had (1) invited speaker to the 2014 meeting or (2)/(1) from the 1990 meeting, so at the least there are people from UOregon etc.

      And people always forget that Oxford (and, I think Max Planck…and U Geneva, I imagine) are public…

      But yes.

  1. Hey, I poked around the archives when the list of invited speakers was first announced and I would argue that the 1996 Symposium “Function and Dysfunction of the Nervous System” also fits into this pedigree, based on the overlap of many of the participants with 1990 and this year. It’s interesting to see how many people have been invited to all three or more. For example, David Anderson attended the 1983 “Molecular Neurobiology” Symposium (but not 1996).

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