Keeping up with the scientific Joneses

It’s really hard to find relevant articles in the morass of papers that are out there. xcorr has an excellent post up detailing recommendations on how to keep up with the scientific literature:

To do good research, you have to be well-informed of the latest scientific developments both in your narrow field of study and in science at large. I recommend the following workflow to make this as painless as possible:

  • Use feedly to keep up-to-date with blogs, journals
  • Use PubChase to get personalized paper recommendations
  • Use Zotero to organize papers you read
  • Use PaperShip to read and comment on papers on your iPad

Here’s a more detailed exposition, along with further resources and alternatives, to help you keep up the scientific literature.

I currently just use feedly, which means every wednesday/thursday I am flooded with articles (I think I subscribe to ~20 different journal feeds?), and every day brings new and relatively useless articles from a few static pubmed rss feeds. It sounds like I need to get started using PubChase!

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