Unrelated to all that, 6/20 edition

Why do some animals forgo reproduction in complex societies? The importance of ecological and social constraints

Are you sure that you have hands? Plot twist: I don’t because I’m currently trapped in Roko’s Basilisk

Beliefs about willpower determine the impact of glucose on self-control. Your beliefs affect more things than you’d think

What do we mean when we talk about “AI”? A lot of different things

How does the brain speak to itself? Christof Koch and Gary Marcus on neural coding.

How to respond to criticism. Step 1: Give up on all of your goals immediately.

How to turn a “good” proposal into an “excellent” one. See also the link above

Formula for linear equations by country; y=kx + n??? (with caveats)

tumblr_n70zfxMZAp1s6c1p2o1_1280 (1)


It turns out that the trick with the lamb brains is to treat them as a spread and an accompaniment to bread. They have a difficult texture—“in between foie gras and fish sperm”—and you can’t overcook them (they fall apart) or let them dry out (the results are apparently too horrifying for words).’

Take me somewhere that glitters. Don’t let go.

This is the best game ever invented.

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