You are neuroecology

Can we say that a great idea pops up again and again? I just found this great quote from a really random book, Change Your Brain (bolding etc mine):

Predictably enough, most of those who used drugs during the 1960s and 1970s glorified the drugs and raved incoherently about inner experiences, but failed to realize that the brain was the key The very term “consciousness-expanding” or “consciousness-altering” drug is a primitive, prescientific concept. The precise terminology is brain-change- drug. We often preferred the term “brain-reward-drug.” These verbal distinctions are not petty or pedantic. The Brain is the key. The Brain is the source. The Brain is God. Everything that humans do is Neuroecology.

I’m…not entirely sure I understand what that means. But there you have it: in the year 2000, Timothy Leary told us that everything that humans do is Neuroecology! What a prophet.



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