Naked mole rats, star-nosed moles, and tentacled snakes: the research of Ken Catania

mole rate somatosensory cortex

A classic paper about Naked Mole Rats was passed around on twitter recently and I thought that it would be a good time to revisit some of the greatest hits of Ken Catania, wonder neuroethologist.

There is tons of interesting neuroscience questions that pertain to the strange animals you’ll find in the wild but very few people able to do that research – I suspect because of the lack of funding. But look at the list of animals that Ken Catania studies according to his web page: star-nosed moles, tentacled snakes, water shrews, crocodiles, worm-grunting, and more. Who else will show us videos of moles attempting to smell in stereo? Or of tentacled snakes in action? It’s worth your time to watch this lecture of some of his fascinating neuroethology research:


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