Announcing the NeuroRumblr: Crowd-sourcing information in neuroscience

When it comes to providing information about jobs, Neuroscience is behind the times. Other fields have systems set up to allow faculty applicants to share information with each other about the job market. Economics has econjobrumors while ecology has this awesome wiki. Even undergrads applying to grad school are better at sharing information about jobs than us professional neuroscientists!

Inspired – especially by the ecology wiki – I decided to set up a central site to host a wiki for job applicants, as well as other useful information for neuroscientists: the NeuroRumblr. So far, I only have upcoming conferences but if anyone has ideas for anything else I’d be open to adding them.

It’s currently in what I’ll term “major beta”, but if people are finding it useful I’d be happy to spend a bit more time on updating it.

I’ve started seeding it with information but if you are applying to a faculty job, please share your information (anonymously)! Post your gossip about who said what, what offers you are getting, anything that would be helpful to other people.


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