Become an SfN official blogger! #sfn14

The annual Neuroscience meeting (SfN) is coming up soon and SfN has announced that they are once again seeking official bloggers:

Social media allows for the widespread sharing of scientific information and increased interaction with colleagues. Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs allow up-to-the-minute scientific exchanges and experiences to be shared virtually.
The call for applications is now open and ends September 5, 2014.

I don’t have a particular reason to go to SfN this year, so I was wondering if SfN was willing to fund the travel – at least, the SfN Membership and conference fee. If anyone else was wondering the same thing, here is the response I got from SfN:

Thank you for contacting the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). SfN accepts blogger applications with the understanding that applicants have secured membership, and are registered to attend the annual. SfN offers bloggers the prestige of being an official blogger for the annual meeting, and an opportunity to increase their blog’s audience. Bloggers do not receive compensation for expenses associated with attending the annual meeting (ie. housing, travel, registration, etc).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Membership costs $65 for grad students, $140 for postdocs, and $185 for ‘regular members’. Registration is another $100+…so they’re asking you to pay hundreds of dollars to be an ‘official blogger’ (in addition to housing and food, if you feel like eating or sleeping.)

Sure, you could probably relate this to the broader problems in academia such as the emphasis on cheap labor and expectation of overwork for the sake of ambition. But what do I know?

2 thoughts on “Become an SfN official blogger! #sfn14

  1. How lovely to imagine a world were bloggers are compensated for such things! Seriously though, I’m sure they just expect anyone blogging the conference to already be attending it in a more traditional manner. It will be awesome to see a day when science bloggers are offered a stipend just to cover a venue like this though!

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