Weekly facts and quotes, 11/17 – 11/23


saprophagous (səˈpräfəɡəs), adjective – (of an organism) feeding on or obtaining nourishment from decaying organic matter.


A mass depopulation of cockroaches has been observed since the beginning of the 21st century in Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Observers note quick disappearance of various types of cockroaches from cities and towns in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus.

No one knows why.


Male tilapia sing to each other.

To establish social status and to obtain a territory, males have frequent agonistic interactions with other males to assess the competitive abilities of conspecifics and maintain dominance hierarchies. Territorial males frequently court other males that adopt a female-like behaviour and colouration. Only territorial males, i.e. males that actively dug and defended their nest, showing black colouration, were heard to produce sounds. Sneaking males that entered the nest of a dominant male during a spawning episode exhibiting quivering behaviour, did not emit sounds.


The sculptor Luis Jiménez who created Blue Mustang (aka, ‘Blucifer’) for the Denver International Airport was killed when his creation fell on him.


The Sverris saga from 12th century Sweden contains a passage that says “the Baglers looted the castle, then burnt down all houses. They threw a dead man in the well, and then carried stone and filled it.” Archeologists believe they have found the skeleton of that man in a well.


The Nazis worked on developing hallucinogenic guns.


Friedrich August Kekule came up with the structure of benzene in a dream (the ‘ouroboros dream’).


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