We are already cyborgs

You could see this as the impotence of separating our ‘selves’ from our choices and environment. You could also see this as how integrated technology already is into our bodies, even though we usually don’t realize it.

Biss says we are doubly bound: to nature and to technology, neither system we can either comprehend or reject completely. The cyborg scholar Chris Hables has written that many of us are “literally cyborgs, single creatures that include organic and inorganic subsystems.” The inorganic subsystem, Hables explains, is the “programming of the immune system that we call vaccination.” The vaccines are made by corporations, but corporations are made by people, and both the immune response and the antibodies it produces—to wit, the organic subsystems—are made by cells. Yet cells are so numerous, so automated that they resemble, in a way, corporate drones.

From an article on our complex, churning, learning immune system.

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