Unrelated to all that, 5/15 edition

Is math in economics just sleight of hand?


via Noah Smith/Justin Wolfers

Welcome to the analome

I’ll let you guess what this is an -ome of…

The National Geographic Photo Contest

walks on water bolivia

The Great Pheasant Mating Dance

Birds, people, insects, we are all the same

The importance of penis length (in an insect)

importance of penis length

I’ll just leave this here.

The two scientific cultures: publications or citations?

I would much rather graduate with three papers cited twenty times each than twenty papers cited three times each.*

That fact drives how I do think about publishing my results:

If I wanted to published the maximum number of papers per dataset, I’d be worried about including too much data in any given paper because, once it was published other researchers might take that data and do the same analyses I was planning to do in a followup paper.

If I want my paper to be cited as much as possible though the opposite is true. I WANT my data to be as useful and accessible as possible because it will increase the number of other groups who will use that data, and cite my work when they publish their next paper.

In neuroscience, the “high prestige” positions are three papers cited twenty times; I am not sure if that is good.

Fishes escape from sharks…sometimes

A cover shows fish escape waves from sharks

fish escape waves


But sometimes they’re busy doing other things (mating) –

no fish escape waves

(via Johann Mourier)

DREADD users blog

Lots of good stuff on this blog! Check it out if you even have a passing interest in DREADDs.

The Evolution of Popular Music: USA 1960-2010

musical revolutions

There have been three music revolutions since 1960: in 1963, 1982, and 1991

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