Because brains are packed with knowledge and are yummy, that’s why

Creamy brains

“Mr. Sheep Man,” I asked, “why would that old man want to eat my brains?”

“Because brains packed with knowledge are yummy, that’s why. They’re nice and creamy. And sort of grainy at the same time.”

“So that’s why he wants me to spend a month cramming information in there, to suck it up afterward?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Don’t you think that’s awfully cruel?” I asked. “Speaking from the suckee’s point of view, of course.”

“But, hey, this kind of thing’s going on in libraries everywhere, you know. More or less, that is.”

This news staggered me. “In libraries everywhere?” I stammered.

(The Strange Library, Haruki Murakami)

Oh hi! I am still alive, physically if not so much mentally. Research, fellowship applications, and the like got too much for me over the past few months. Hopefully I can resume my normal posting schedule? To keep all of your brains nice and creamy, of course.

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