Optogenetics patents that I did not realize existed

  1. Use of biological photoreceptors as directly light-activated ion channels (Bamberg, Hegemann, Nagel)
  2. Light-activated cation channel and uses thereof (Deisseroth, Boyden)
  3. Use of light sensitive genes [for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of blindness and a method for expressing said cell specific fashion] (Balya, Lagali, Muench, Roska; Novartis)
  4. Channelrhodopsins for optical control of cells (Klapoetke, Chow, Boyden, Wong, Cho)
  5. Heterologous stimulus-gated ion channels and methods of using same [especially TRPV1, TRPM8 or P2X2] (Miesenbock, Zemelman)
  6. Optically-controlled cns dysfunction (Tye, Fenno, Diesseroth)
  7. Optogenetic control of reward-related behaviors (Diesseroth, Witten)
  8. Control and characterization of memory function (Goshen, Diesseroth)

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