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The time, where has it gone?

Top 8 industrial robot companies and how many robots they have around the world

  1. Yaskawa – 300,000
  2. ABB – 250,000
  3. Fanuc – 250,000
  4. Kawasaki –110,000
  5. Kuka – 80,000
  6. Denso – 80,000
  7. Epson – 45,000
  8. Adept – 25,000

A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style


Like DeepDream only not super-creepy


A history of graphic design: the San Francisco school

The word “psychedelic” is a combination of the Greek words psyche and delos, and means “mind manifesting” or “soul manifesting.” Contrary to a prevalent myth about the role of mind-altering drugs in creation of this art, most revolutionary artists of this school including Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, Bonnie MacLean, Lee Conklin, Stanley Mouse and others had artistic talent, some formal art training and adhered to strict aesthetic discipline. Almost all the experiments that relied solely on the hallucinating impact of psychedelic drugs ended-up in total failure.


Asking Questions

asking questions

Top 10 signs that a paper/field is bogus

  1. Run the numbers. One consistent issue in molecular biology is that because it tends to be so qualitative, we have little sense for magnitudes and plausibility of various mechanisms. That said, we now are getting to the point where we have a lot more quantitative data that lets us run some basic sanity checks (BioNumbers is a great resource for this). An example that I’ve come across often is mRNA localization. Many people I’ve met have, umm, fairly fanciful notions of the degree to which mRNA is localized. From what we’ve seen in the lab, almost every mRNA seems to just be randomly distributed around the cytoplasm, with the exception being ER-localized ones, which are, well, localized to the ER. Ask yourself: why should there be any mRNA localization? Numbers indicate that proteins diffuse quite rapidly around the cell, on a timescale that is likely faster than mRNA transport. So for most cells, the numbers say that you shouldn’t localize mRNA–rather, just localize proteins. And, uh, that’s what we see…
  2. Consider why nobody has seen this Amazing New Phenomenon before. Was it a lack of technology? Okay, then it might be real. Was it just brute force? Also possible that it’s real. Was it just waiting for someone to think of the idea? Well, in my experience, nutty ideas are relatively cheap.
  3. etc

aka How to actually Think Like A Scientist

DNA Pac Man

DNA pac man

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