Get your name on the postdoc job list

Executive Summary:

Are you a postdoc who is looking for a job, or will be soon? Add yourself to The List.

Are you on a search committee and want access to the list? Email from an official university e-mail account.

Leslie Vosshall took to twitter recently to lament the fact that only 25% of applicants for tenure-track positions at Rockefeller University are female. Others chimed in and said this was a common problem. You can see the discussion that followed at Drugmonkey.

So wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of researchers who were looking for jobs – male and female – that search committees could peruse to search for applicants who were relevant but had not contact them? I went ahead and began the makings of such a list here.

I am not yet totally sure what the best way to do this is. Should it be partially public? Or simply private? This is not a list for other postdocs to peruse, but one for faculty on search committees to examine. Is there other information that would be helpful that is not on the form?

As always, go to neurorumblr for a list of open faculty positions. There are over 80 up already! This information will be added to the page soon (when I beautify it, because honestly that thing is pretty hideous right now).

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