NeuroRumblr, year three

Another year, another search for faculty jobs. If you are searching for jobs, head over to the NeuroRumblr for crowd-sourced guide to neuroscience faculty positions. Don’t just take my word for it! It has been called “the only reasonable way to cut through the haphazard morass of faculty job postings“. So there you go.

Some of the improvements to this iteration:

  • The site itself is somewhat cleaner and slightly-less-ugly
  • After several requests, I have added postdoc openings
  • There is more academic advice
  • The associated twitter account now has a twitterbot which will provide updates and reminders. So follow @neurorumblr if you want the latest news!
  • Important: The List of postdocs who are looking for jobs is being restarted for the new year in order to clean out the old list. The old list still exists! But re-enter your information for the new year. I have already had new requests from search committees for access to The List, so people are looking at it!
  • Not an improvement, but I would love to make this more of a web app that allows you to save things etc while still being as easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do this but if you do, or know someone who does, let me know!

I have no idea who got jobs and who didn’t; which spots were filled and which weren’t. But for some stats (last year)… there were ~95 positions in 2014-2015 and ~103 positions in 2015-2016. If we look at the word counts for job types we see:neurorumblr2015-2016

One thing to note is the crazy rise in ‘behavior’ jobs and the total disappearance of ‘computational’ jobs.

Of the people who put themselves on The List, ~38% were female and ~10% considered themselves an underrepresented minority or ‘diverse’ in some way.

And because everyone loves word clouds:


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