Please help me identify neuroscientists hired as tenure-track assistant profs in the 2016-17 faculty job season

Over at Dynamic Ecology, Jeremy Fox asked whether people could help identify recently-hired tenure-track professors in Ecology. When he did this last year, he found that 51% of North American assistant professors that were hired were women. I asked on twitter whether this would be worth doing for neuroscience and everyone seemed in favor so here goes –

If you know who was hired to fill one or more of the listed N. American assistant professor positions in neuroscience or an allied field, please email me with this information (

I’m just going to quote him on the requirements:

I only want information that’s been made publicly available, for instance via an official announcement on a departmental website, or by someone tweeting something like “I’ve accepted a TT job at Some College, I start Aug. 1!” If you want to pass on the information that you yourself have been hired into a faculty position, that’s fine too. All you’re doing is saving me from googling publicly-available information myself to figure out who was hired for which positions. Please do not contact me to pass on confidential information, in particular confidential information about hiring that has not yet been totally finalized.

Please do not contact me with nth-hand “information” you heard through the grapevine. Not even if you’re confident it’s reliable.

I’m interested in positions at all institutions of higher education, not just research universities. Even if the position is a pure teaching position with no research duties.