NeuroRumblr, 2018 – 2019

Quick announcement –

I’ve refreshed the NeuroRumblr for the 2018 – 2019 job season. If you are a postdoc looking for an academic job, add yourself to The List so that search committees can reach out to you. Note that I refresh the list yearly, so if you have added yourself in the past you should fill out the form again for the new season. If you are on a faculty committee, please feel free to email me at to gain access to The List (both this year and last year’s). Every year, I have gotten requests for access from every kind of institution across the world. As an aside, if you have been on a search committee that has used the list in the past and have ideas on how to make it more useful, or just have other thoughts, I’d be curious to hear them.

There is a page for labs that are looking for postdocs.

There is a page for labs that are looking for research staff.

There is a page to keep track of neuroscience conferences.

There is a page with collections of advice on being an academic and looking for academic jobs.

There is a twitter account (@neurorumblr) that I occasionally use to make announcements. The account will now automatically tweet, multiple times a day, about jobs that were put on the rumblr the previous day, as well as with upcoming job or conference deadlines. If you are a PI who placed an ad under postdocs or research staff, you can now add your twitter handle and it will tag you when it tweets. If you tweet and tag @neurorumblr, I will usually retweet it – more free advertisement! The twitter account gets a lot of attention and I keep hearing from people who have looked for jobs that they paid close attention to it.

Another reminder that I am looking to identify neuroscientists hired as tenure-track faculty over the previous year. I already have a lot of people on the list! But I know that’s not everyone.

Happy hunting.

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