I shall call thee, scorpomouse!

Even the poisonous scorpion cannot escape the savage monster’s little pink paws. It fights bravely, stinging its attacker on the nose. To no avail. The mouse ignores the painful venom and cruelly breaks the scorpion’s tail by pummelling it into the ground, then bites its head and feasts on its flesh. Throwing its head back, the murderous animal howls at the moon.

The majestic Southern Grasshopper mouse!  There are many interesting popular press articles on these guys but very little scientific research.  There are videos on youtube, although they are pretty uniformly terrible but you can watch them howl to signal their territory, fight scorpions and tarantulas, or just learn a bit about their life (with terrible narration).  I’d say these guys would make an awesome model organism for science, but for what exactly I’m not sure.