Monday Open Question: what are the current controversies in neuroscience?

Shamelessly stolen from Marina Picciotto, who asked on twitter: what are the current controversies in neuroscience? The easy and eternal answer seems to be, are we doing fMRI properly?

Here are some other suggestions:

aka, do mirror neurons exist and do they do what we think? Is the DSM useful? Are there real (biological) sex differences and should they be studied? Should we be using Bayesian statistics? What does sleep actually do? What is the role of parvalbumin and somatostatin-positive interneurons? What is the role of hippocampus?

How many smells can a smelly person smell?

Who cares about invertebrates if they don’t even have a cortex?

Who cares about cerebellum if it isn’t even cortex? Also, does cerebellar LTD mediate motor learning (TIL this is a controversy; I’m paying attention to the wrong cortex).

What does the ACC do? (This is important for cognition. Probably.)

What does LIP do? Is it involved in decision-making?

People can survive with basically no cortex and appear fine. So what does cortex actually do?

Is the brain Bayesian? Should we care about the Bayesian Brain hypothesis?

Is the brain actually noisy or is that all signal?

How should we mathematically model the brain, and behavior?

Should we use animal models of whole disorders or just specific symptoms?

Does PKMzeta actually have a role in memory (does it even have a real role in LTP)?