Science and Halloween

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Well Halloween has brought me tricks in the form of a devastating cold that has left me unable to do much over the past few days beyond sleep and watch silly Bollywood movies/depressing NBA games/Whit Stillman movies about disco (incidentally, this movie could be remade ad verbatim about contemporary hipster/blogger/EDM culture). As I am unable to bring you any coherent new content, here are some links about science and Halloween:

Posts this week

Type of species and type of social network determine how parasites infect a population as it gets larger

Hermit crab social networks!

Social needs sculpt primate faces

Remember: song learning is social learning

Social decision-making across species …and more, but older

Economic Sociology newsletter on New Institutional Economics

A bit late on this one but genoeconomics is an important trend

A really great writeup about serotonin and anorexia

Elephant seal foraging!

When grasshoppers are afraid of spiders, plants decay more slowly.  This is the whole point of this blog: the environment and our interactions with our environment shapes our bodies (and minds!), and the two really cannot be disentangled.