Visions of the Salk Institute

I have been working at the Salk Institute for the past six years or so.¬†Beyond its science, the Salk has both breathtaking¬†architecture and a stunning natural environment. It is absurdly common to see tour groups wander around, peering into the laboratories like us scientists are wild animals. As I am about to leave for the East Coast, I thought I would share some of the photographs I’ve taken over my time here; they range from DSLR to instagram to black and white film. The black and white was made intentionally dark; most pictures of Salk are intensely bright, highlighting the white color of the buildings. I thought it would be appropriate to show the bleakness¬†that those of us forced to crawl through the floors-between-floors and work late nights experience.

All photos are under the Creative Commons license: feel free to use them just please give credit to Adam J Calhoun.

Salk Institute Salk Parking Lot Sunset sultry salk salk has a snail problem salk BEEEES in the salk lab from the salk parking lot setting up the salk Salk Hallway At Night Salk Parking Lot At Night Symphony at the Salk Salk Gate