Up all night to get data #sfn13

If you’re coming to SfN, you better be coming to the UCSD neuro social!

Official SFN bloggers

In case you missed it, SFN released their usual bizarre list of official bloggers who will be doing the yeoman’s work of reporting to you on all the excitement that occurs at the conference1. As per usual, several of the bloggers – including the first one on the list! – have only posted maybe twice in their life (this is not a new problem). Who is on this selection committee? How exactly are they deciding who to include?! It’s a shame and a waste of potential community building, one that risks a perception of the blogging community as not worth bothering with.

But maybe they are just choosing exciting new bloggers with a bright future! What has happened with similar young fellows from previous years? I had a hard time finding the previous lists – feel free to add them in the comments – but Neurodojo mentioned a few from 2011. Well, one of the blogs flat-out doesn’t exist anymore, and the other two never posted again. Good job, guys2!

Luckily, most of the bloggers they chose are quite good. Here is the list, with twitter handles:


1. This is not sour grapes or anything, I didn’t think to apply

2. In all fairness, the neuroflocks idea is a good one and I wish it had kept up. Perhaps we could curate something like that again?