Papers for the week, 1/1 edition

Visual projection neurons in the Drosophila lobula link feature detection to distinct behavioral programs. Ming Wu, Aljoscha Nern, W. Ryan Williamson, Mai M Morimoto, Michael B Reiser, Gwyneth M Card, Gerald M Rubin.

The hippocampus as a predictive map. Kimberly Lauren Stachenfeld, Matthew M Botvinick, Samuel J Gershman.

Searching for Signatures of Brain Maturity: What Are We Searching For? Leah H. Somerville.

The misleading narrative of the canonical faculty productivity trajectory. Samuel F. Way, Allison C. Morgan, Aaron Clauset, Daniel B. Larremore.

Contribution of Head Shadow and Pinna Cues to Chronic Monaural Sound Localization. Marc M. Van Wanrooij and A. John Van Opstal.

The influence of pinnae‐based spectral cues on sound localization. Alan D. Musicant and Robert A. Butler.

Everyday bat vocalizations contain information about emitter, addressee, context, and behavior. Yosef Prat, Mor Taub & Yossi Yovel.

A mixture of sparse coding models explaining properties of face neurons related to holistic and parts-based processing.Haruo Hosoya, Aapo Hyvärinen.

cGAL, a temperature-robust GAL4–UAS system for Caenorhabditis elegans. Han Wang, Jonathan Liu, Shahla Gharib, Cynthia M Chai, Erich M Schwarz, Navin Pokala & Paul W Sternberg.

Genome-wide analyses for personality traits identify six genomic loci and show correlations with psychiatric disorders. Min-Tzu Lo, David A Hinds, Joyce Y Tung, Carol Franz, Chun-Chieh Fan, Yunpeng Wang, Olav B Smeland, Andrew Schork, Dominic Holland, Karolina Kauppi, Nilotpal Sanyal, Valentina Escott-Price, Daniel J Smith, Michael O’Donovan, Hreinn Stefansson, Gyda Bjornsdottir, Thorgeir E Thorgeirsson, Kari Stefansson, Linda K McEvoy, Anders M Dale, Ole A Andreassen & Chi-Hua Chen.



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